1. Breeding

  • Cherry Valley from London
  • Long Island
  • Native Duck
  • Philippine Mallard
  • Dumalaga

2. Hatching

Hatching pekin ducks within a period of 28 days. We sell 1 day old ducklings preferably by order in advance.

3. Growing

We grow the Pekin ducks within 50 - 60 days for meat, the average weight 3.3 kilos live weight. We sell this into process duck meat and dressed duck meat.

4. Slaughtering

Removal of Feathers endtrails prior to processing.

5. Processing

"Kinulob na Pekin ducks" it is cooked in 10 herbs and spices for 3 hours until tender and it is roasted or deep fried.

Itlog ni Kuya Leo Dator / Josephine Dator
30 years of duck-raising, 50 thousand layers started layering in 1983, Peking Farm started in 2006. The duck products of Ang Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya, Atbp. came from the Leo Dator Duck Farm in Brgy. Banca - Banca Victoria, Laguna. (M)+63 977 2401670 / +63 917 2424547
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