Comparison Of Nutrients Between Duck Meat And Other Meats.


The Iron contained in meat is heme iron, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body, and duck meat contains a quadruple amount of this iron of those contained in other meats. During monthly periods, women lose a considerable amount of iron. Therefore, duck meat is a great iron-supplementing food for women.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to keep eyes, nose and oral mucosum healthy, and avoid the invasion of virus. For those who often use the computer, and the modern people whose noses and oral mucosa are perpetually stimulated by the exhausted gases of motor vehicles, vitamin A is indispensible. Duck meat contains 3-10 of Vitamin A of those contained in other meats.


Vitamin B1

A lack of Vitamin B can cause loss of appetite, fatigue, or insomnia, etc. It might even affect moods. To supplement Vitamin B, eating duck meat is a very good choice.


Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 helps to keep our skin fingernails, and hair healthy. Meanwhile it helps the metabolism of fat. It is an indispensable nutrient in improving on the fat soma.


Duck meat contains as high as 5.57% of unsaturated fatty acid, much higher than those contained in chicken, pork or beef. Unsaturated fatty acid has functions of anti-oxidation ans lowering of cholesterol. Insufficient intake of unsaturated fatty acids may result in diseases in artery, heart, brain, or blood vessels. It might affect the development of intelligence in children, and could cause senilis dementia (loss of intellectual ability) in older people.


Beside, there is one great advantage in duck meat, and the key is duck fat. The melting point of duck fat is only 14 degrees centigrade, much lower than the temperature of the human body ( melting points of beef pork and chicken are respectively 45, 38 and 37 degrees Centigrade higher than the temperature of the human body), and therefore it is easily excreted and will not cause problems of obesity. The low melting point of fat makes duck meat still very delicious even when served cold.

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